Caroline Lilienthal, Fotografie von 1864

Caroline Lilienthal


Caroline Lilienthal (1825 – 1872)

In 1843, Caroline Pohle, born in Szczecin, moved from Anklam to Berlin to become an artist. She trained at the singing academy and took drawing lessons. In 1845, the talented woman continued her vocal studies in Dresden, whilst dreaming of a career as a singer. However,

at the time Carline received a stage offer in Chemnitz her aunt, who had been financing her training, passed away. Now Caroline’s courage left her, and she returned to Anklam in 1846. One year later, she married the cloth merchant Gustav Lilienthal at the St. Nicholas Church. In one of her last diary entries, she wrote: "My greatest happiness lies in my 3 children Otto, Gustav and Marie, whom I strive to bring up to be good people." She had lost five children and her husband at this point. Especially Otto and Gustav benefited from the encouragement and freedom their mother provided.

Ansicht des Stettiner Tores in Pyritz, Korkbild von Caroline Lilienthal, 1859
View of the Stettiner Gate in Pyritz, cork composition by Caroline Lilienthal, 1859"As talented as she was for music, my mother was also skilled in all kinds of handicrafts, in particular drawing and carvings. She possessed a unique creative power and inventiveness. Our Christmas presents were mostly works of art by my mother's hand, whose imagination knew no limits." (Otto Lilienthal about his mother, in: Family history, started in 1894)
Caroline Lilienthal hält ihre erste Tochter Caroline Wilhelmine Mathilde im Arm
In addition to Otto and Gustav, Caroline Lilienthal gave birth to six other children, five of whom died as infants or small children. In 1852 she is 27 years old and holds her first daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Mathilde in her arms. She will only live to be four years old.