East side choir wallLuke the Evangelist sits with an open book in his left hand and presumably a painting stick in the other. Above him is a so-called Wimperg with pinnacles and ridge turrets, a typical Gothic adornment of portals, windows, gables, but also coat of arms.

The Paintings

Images for spiritual salvation

Anyone who wants to get an idea of the original interior design of this church needs a lot of imagination. After its extensive restoration in 1909, the walls and pillars were chalk white and decorated with a cuboid mesh of red lines. Figurative representations of apostles, angels, and secular individuals could be found next to the windows. Almost 200 saints were gathered just below the vaults. Today, only fragments of these frescoes are preserved.

The painting work of the aisle, choir and pillar walls began in the first half of the 14th century. The frescoes were probably completed in the 1350s or 1360s. The church owes their existence to donations from the citizens of Anklam, who were particularly concerned about the salvation of their souls after experiencing the horrors of the plague. The figurines and ornamental accessories resemble the murals painted in St. Nicholas Church Stralsund, so presumably both churches employed the same workshop. The murals from the early 14th century at St. Mary's Church in Anklam are almost completely preserved. They are a useful comparative example to get a better idea of the former interior paintings at St. Nicholas's Church.

South aisle/ 5th wall from the west side:

On this arched wall a young lady and gentleman meet. They are dressed fashionably, i.e., in the style of the first half of the 14th century, and are affectionately turned towards each other. She’s dressed in a purple jacket, a yellowish skirt with pleats and brown straps. In her right hand she is holding a flute, the other hand is placed on her hip and a long trail dangles from her elbows. Her hair is braided. The man is holding a blossom in his hand. He’s wearing a brown tunic with a green collar, brown legwear and a type of hood called a “Gugel”. A long trail dangles from his elbows. The couple is eyed by two odd little men with crossed arms, who are squatting and pulling faces.